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Control Of ASP .NET

ASP .NET Controls are the heart of the ASP .NET Framework. An ASP .NET control is a .NET class that executes on the server and renders certain content to the browser.

The ASP .NET Framework contains many controls. These controls can be divided into eight groups.

Standard Controls

The Standard controls enable you to render standard form elements such as butons, textbox, labels and many others.

Validation Controls

The validation controls enable you to validate form data before you submit the data to the server. For Example, You can use a RequiredFieldValidatior control to check whether a user entered a value for a required input field.

Rich Controls

The rich controls enable you to render things such as calendars, file upload buttons, rotating banner advertisements, and multi-step wizards.

Data Controls

The Data controls enable you to work with data such as database data. For Example, you can use these controls to submit new records to a database table or display a list of database records.

Navigation Controls

The navigation controls enable you to display standard navigation elements such as menus, tree views, and bread crumb trails.

Login Controls

The Login controls enable you to display login, change password, and registration forms.

Web Part Controls

The Web part controls enable you to build personalizable  portal applications.

HTML Controls

The HTML controls enable you to convert any HTML tag into a server-side control.

Control Of ASP .NET