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ImageButton Control

This control like the button and line button control. It is enable us to post form to the server however the image button control always display an image.The image button control into both an image Url and alternate text property.The image Url content the path to the image that image button display.

The alternate text property used provide alternate text image used by script reader and text only browser.Notice that the event handler for an image control the click event is different then the other button controls.

The second parameter pass to the event handler is an instance of the image click args class. This class has following property.

Property Description

The x co-ordinate retrieve the image the user click.


The Y co-ordinate retrieve the image the user click.

We can use image button control to create a simple image map. This control support the following property.

Property Description

Specifies weather a not control create an empty string as an alternate text.


Enable us to provide a link to a page that contains a details description of the images.


Enable us to align the image creative to other HTML element in the page.


The Url of the page to post form the current page when the image button control is click.