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ImageMap Control

This control enables us to create a client side image map. The image map control consist two part.The first part is an image which can be graphics in any standard web graphics format such as .Jpg, .Png files.The second element is a collection of the hotspot control. Each hotspot control is a different element. For each hotspot control we define it’s space with shape like circle rectangle or location and size of the hotspot.

When we click different areas of the image that’s happen. E.g we can use an image map as a fancy navigation bar. In that case clipping different areas of image map’s to navigate in different pages in our web site. We can also use in image map control input mechanism. We can click different product to shopping card.

The Asp.Net framework shape with free hotpot classes.


  • Circle Hotspot’s

    Enable us to define in an image map.

  • Rectangle hotspot

    Enable us to define a rectangle in an image map.

  • Polygon Hotspot

    Enable us to define a polygon in an image map.


The image map control support following property.

Property Description

It display alternate text for the image.


Enable us to provide a link to a page that contain a details description of the page.


Enable us to specifies the behavior of the image map when we click a region. The possible value is inactive, Not Set, Navigate and Post Back.


Enable us to retrieve the collection of the hotspot contain in the image map control.


we can specifies the alignment of the image in image map control.


The url of the image to display for the link.


Enable us to open a page in a new window.