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Feature Of Asp.Net

The core of the .net platform is found in common language runtime. Base class library and common language base specification.

The .Net base class libraries expose the features of common language runtime. In much the same way that the windows API allows to utilize the features of windows operating system.

1. Multi Language Development.

The .Net platform allows the language to be integrated with one another through the use of MSIL. The Microsoft common language specification describe the rules of different language.Microsoft currently provides several compiler. that provide called together .net common language runtime C++, C#, J# and VB.

2. Platform And Processer Independent.

The intermediate language is CPU independent and it's much higher level. That most machine language.Once Return and with a manage .net application can executes on any platform. That support the .net common language runtime because the .net common type system define the available to .net application run time within the common language runtime environment.

3. Automatic Memory Management.

The memory lack problem being enables hours of debugging for developers of C and c++ programmer familiar to enclosing. That object are properly destroy essentially managing memory on their own compiler.In a .Net environment Microsoft is facility to name developing software easier within the features of garbage collection.The memory management for all .net application is perform by CLR.

4. Version Support

Any one who work in windows software development known the "DLLHELL" Problem.DLLHELL problem when a customer install a new technology a version of send application.The .Net architecture serrate application component. So that an application always load the component which it was built an tested. Assembly contain version information that .net CLR use to ensure that an application will load the components.

It was build with .net framework.

5. Easy Deployment.

Developing and installing for windows base Application can be difficult to use third party tools (customers) install the program.There were usually a large no of fill to be install in several directory, versions or various registry install of require component and so on.The .Net Component are not reference in registry component are self describe of the use of metadata reflection.

In sort many .net application will not require no more copy file into a directory and uninstalling an application easily.A Distributed component base application requires base security. The .Net designer added to a new approach different than traditional security which provides access control base on user accounts security as soon as class base loaded by CLR before the class loader install a security information.

6. Distributed Architecture.

Today distributed application are much different than other. The industrial and perform platform that .Net provides and extension of two days windows distributed introduced architecture Microsoft introduced windows DNA 2000 to provides a scalable architecture or enterprise addition by utilizing. The entire architecture.

7. Separation Of HTML Code.

With ASP .NET you have to ability to completely seprate layout and bussiness logic. This make it much easier for teams of programmer and designer to collaborate efficiently.

8. Fully support for Compilation.

Developers can use C# .NET and access features such as strong typing and object oriented programming. Using complied languages also means that ASP .NET pages do not suffer the performance penalties associated with interpreted code. ASP. NET pages are precomplied to bytes code and Just In Time complied when first requested.

9. .NET Framework Services Uses.

The .NET Framework provides class libraries that can be used by your application. Some of the key classes help you with input/output, access to operating system services, data access, or even debugging. We will go into more detail on some of them in this module.

10. Graphical Environment.

Visual Studio .NET provides a very nice development environment for web developers. You can drag control and set properties the way you do in Visual Basic 6. And you have full intellisense support, not only for your code, but also for HTML and XML.

ASP .NET also supports more featues and advantages such as State Management, XML Based Configuration files (Web.config) and so on.