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.Net Framework

Microsoft.Net support only language independent but also language intigration. It means that we can take the advantage of class inheritance of classes etc. across different languages.

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Computer Language Specilization (CLS)

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Computer Language Specilization (CLS)

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The .Net framework make the possible with a specification call the common type system. The term .net framework refer to the group of technology that from the development environment for the Microsoft .net framework. It also include Common Language Specification (CLS) Which provide a series of basic rules that are regard for language integrate.


The CLS determines the minimum required for .net language compare that control to the CLS create object that can interchange information with one another the entire Framework Class Library (FCL) can be use by any language that perform to the CLS.

The .Net Framework consist of difference language such as Vb, C#, J# common language runtime and object oriented platform for windows and web application. The Number of related Class Library Collection known as the Framework Class Library (FCL) and base class library (BCL).

The Most important Concept Of .Net Framework is the CLR which provides the environment in which program are executed.

The CLR include a virtual machine at a high level CLR object, perform security store memory, execute exe and manage the garbage collection. The common type system is also a part of CLR.