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Range Validator Control

The Range validator control is use to check the user entries and input value that field between two values.It is possible to check range within numbers date and character. The validation will not fail if the input control is empty.

Use the required Field validation control to make to field required. The validation control to make to field required. The validation is not validating if the input value cannot be converted to the specific data type.

The range validation use within age, birthdate etc. This control validates the value field between minimum and maximum value.

Property Description


Used to set background color range validation control.

It will set the foreground color of range validation control.


A Boolean value that specifies weather client side validation control is enabling or not.


A Boolean value that’s specifies weather the validation control is enable or not.


This property is used to set the control which we want to validate.


This Property used to display in the validation summery control when validation is failed.

This text will also be display in the validation summery control if text property is not set.


Specifies the minimum value of input control.


Specifies the maximum value of the input control.


A Boolean value that indicates weather the control specified by control to validate is determined to be validates.


Specifies the data type of the value to check. The data type may be int, string, double, date or currency.


The Text message to display when a validation is failed.