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Required Field Validator

This is enables as to required a user to enter a value into a form field before submitting a form. We must set two important properties when using the required field valuator control.By Default the Required field validation check for none empty string (Space Does Not Count). If we enter anything into the form field associated with the required field validation.

Than the required field validation does not display its validation error message we can use the required field valuator control initial value property to specify a default value other than an empty.

Notes: Leading trailing space of the input value is removing before validation.

Property Description


This Property is used to set the control which we want as required field.

General textbox, dropdownlist and listbox are set as control to validate.


The Display behavior for the validation control its value are None : The control is none display and the error is display only in validation summary control.

Static: Control display an error message the validation is ready.

Display: The Control display error message but space is not reserved on the page for the message.


The Text to display the validation summery control when validation fails.

This takes text will also be display into validation control if the text property is not set.


It is a Boolean value that indicates weather the control specified by control to validate is determine to be valid.


This is also one property to set an error message but used to error message only on validation control.

If error message and text both property set the error message will be display on validation summery.

Text property display on validation control.


This is used to set the validation group. If we have different group of validation under same page than we can use this property.