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Page Directory Of Asp.Net

All web form are stored .aspx extension in asp .net. All web form are combination of two different file.

  1. Presentation logic file (.aspx)
  2. Code behind file (.cs)/(.vb)/(.js)

A Presentation logic file store html code which will be display on client browser. A Code behind file is a file where all event are bind a code behind file store our application logic.

	<%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireUp=”True” CodeFile=”Deafult.aspx.cs” 
        Inherites=”_Default” %>

In above code we can see all code bind with <%@ Page %> this one of the important page directive. Which specifies some important property about particular page like?

Language : Which is language we will be use to write application logic. It can be C#, J# or VB.

AutoEventWireUp : This is set true it means all the events should automatically wire a as per event delegation model.

CodeFile : Which display a file will be use as code behind file. The extension of code behind file. The extension of code behind file depends of the language   we  have selected.

Inherites : This specifies the name of the class of our webform which will be created in code behind file.